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We cut down and haul out trees ranging in size and shape. We can handle all tree species. If a tree is in a precarious position, we will rig it down safely.


Hazard Removals

Have a problem tree? We can handle trees that are leaning over houses, brittle and dead, endangering structures, possessions, and property.



With proper cuts and attention to detail we can go up to twenty feet to trim trees with pole saws. Above that requires our climbing services.



With climbing we can reach farther than pole saws and ladders for pruning. We can climb trees for removal in difficult, unreachable and hazardous areas.


Fire Mitigation

Fire mitigation is extremely important in Colorado. We can help you feel confident by creating a defensible space around your home.


Lot Clearings

Building a new house or planning on developing? We can clear your housing envelope and development areas efficiently.

About Us

Pine Brothers Tree Services is a one stop shop for all your tree needs. With genuine customer relations and extensive tree experience, we provide unparalleled tree services. We do tree removals, including hazard trees and trees that need climbing. Our accommodating services include lot clearings, tree trimming, and fire mitigation. We are enthusiastic, licensed, and insured.

Pine Brothers Tree Services is a company that cares about our work. We guarantee the satisfaction of a job well done. But we don’t just care for the trees, we care for the people we are working for.

Have questions? We are more than willing to answer any inquiries you may have. We are clear, friendly, and open with our pricing model.

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We work hard. We show up when we are scheduled and we get it done.

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